Friday, July 03, 2009

Los Olivos, California

Just 1000 people call Los Olivos home but the town still packs a lot in its small Victorian downtown with excellent views of the Santa Barbara area countryside. One of the closest towns to Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch and the site of filming for the movie Sideways, Los Olivos is still a hidden gem.

Gallery Los Olivos
2920 Grand Avenue
Los Olivos, California

Judith Hale Gallery North
2890 Grand Avenue
Los Olivos, CA 93441

Bon Bon’s Boutique
2885 Grand Avenue
Los Olivos, California

Wildling Art Museum
America's Wilderness in Art
2928 San Marcos Avenue
Los Olivos, California

Mattei's Tavern
Highway 154
Los Olivos, California

Los Olivos Cafe & Wine Merchant
2879 Grand Avenue
Los Olivos, California

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