Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Tiny Houses - National

Perhaps once a fad, tiny houses, and downsizing in general, appear to be growing in popularity. There are two blogs: here and here,
a society and a network if the idea interests you. Living in such a small space, may not be for everyone, but its certainly an intriging and maybe romatic idea. What we like best about these small homes are the style and thought that go into creating them. They really are jewel boxes to be admired.

The Country Dogs live in 1600 square feet which is tiny for New Jersey standards - you would think that such a small state wouldn't have room for all the massive houses built and expanded over the last few years, but there you go. It's very lucky that we found such a small house on such a large, beautiful property in this moneyed, sought after area. Had this house gone the way of most in this part of the state, someone would have doubled the size over the years. Thank goodness for the little old lady who held on to it for so long. If only someone had stopped her from renovating in the 50s. Oh well, can't have everything!

We'd have trouble downsizing much further (the cat's now 2 years old and he's getting fat!) but maybe we could use one of these small homes in the back meadow near the fruit trees for sleeping out on cool summer nights. Ahh..

Tiny Texas Houses
20501 E Interstate 10,
Luling, Texas

Tumbleweed Tiny House Company
Sebastopol, California

Vermont Tiny Houses

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