Monday, June 29, 2009

Palermo's Tomato Pie - Bordentown and Trenton, New Jersey

Very few people agree on the best pizza so discussing it is usually meaningless. But this is our blog so here's my take. One of my favorites is the Greek-style pizza from Rhode Island, probably because that's what I grew up on. No its not feta and olives, the restaurants are usually owned by Greeks not Italians. They premake the crust in a deep dish pan and pull them out as needed. Its very much like Pizza Hut but so much better.

My other favorite, which I am lucky enough to be (sort of) near is Trenton Tomato Pie. Thin crust, tangy tomatoes and just enough cheese. DeLorenzo's is the most famous and the original. They've just opened a new restaurant in a suburban strip mall, putting their ancient Trenton location in jeopardy. But my favorite and if you are ever on the NJ Turnpike, near Bucks County, or within a day's drive, get to Palermo's Pizza. I keep meaning to try the Sicilian but I cannot stop eating the tomato pie! If you are a fan of DeLorenzo's give this one a try. Just don't show up on Friday or Saturday night, you'll wait for hours.

Palermo's Pizza
Glen Brook Shopping Center
674 Route 206 South
Bordentown, NJ

Palermos II
Corner of 5th and Main Street
Roebling, NJ

Palermo 's III
1292 Lower Ferry Road
Ewingville, NJ

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